Long Haul Airline Fleet Survey

January 2012

Middle Eastern Airlines sweep all categories


Middle eastern airlines operate the youngest long haul airlines fleets. The Airlineatlas survey reviewed 98 of the world leading long haul airlines. Overall the average age of long haul airline fleets was 10.8 years. Of the airlines surveyed the average fleet size comprise of 32 aircraft.

The Top 5 Airlines for each category of airline is as follows:

Large (50+ Long Haul Aircraft)

 Qatar Airways  4.4 years

       Singapore Airlines

 6.5 years
      Emirates Airlines  6.9 years
 Air China  8.2 Years
 Japan Airlines  8.4 Years

Qatar Airways with their recently received Boeing 777s has the youngest fleet of any airline with over 50 long haul aircrafts. The average age of Qatar Airways fleet of 25 Boeing 777s is just over 2 years. Qatars' long haul fleet also consists of Airbus A330s and A340-600s. Singapore Airlines (SIA) tops airlines with over 100 long haul aircrafts. SIAs recently received Airbus A330-300s and Airbus A380s and gradual retirement of the Boeing 747-400 are major factors for SIAs youthful fleet. Emirates Airlines has introduced 50 new aircraft in the last 3 years, 20 Airbus A380s and 30 Boeing 777-300s. Air China rank fourth on the large long haul airlines list. Air China has received 23 Airbus A330s within the last five years as well as 4 Boeing 777-300 in the last 6 months to bring their average long haul fleet age to 8.2 years. Japan Airlines have retired or stored their Boeing 747-400s, have a relatively young Boeing 777 fleet and have also recently received new Boeing 767-300s.               


 Medium (20-49 Long Haul Aircraft)

  Etihad Airways  4.0 years
 Turkish Airlines  5.2 years
 Air India  5.7 years
 Egyptair  6.2 years
 Eva Airlines  6.2 years

Of the medium sized long haul airlines Etihad Airways has introduced 24 new aircrafts into their fleet of approximately 40 in the last 5 years. the tally of 24 new planes includes 14 Airbus A330s, 7 Airbus A340-600s and 2 Boeing 777-300s. Turkish Airlines has 12 Boeing 777-300s delivered within the last 1.5 years. In the same time frame 8 Airbus A330s have also joined the Turkish fleet. Air India has been equipped with 20 new Boeing 777s over the last five years, which has offset the Boeing 747 aircraft. Egyptair has received 6 Boeing 777-300s and 4 Airbus A330-300 within the last two years taking the total Egyptair long haul fleet to 24 aircrafts. Eva Air has a mix of Boeing 747, 777 and Airbus A330s. The average age of Eva Airs 777s and A330s is 4 and 5.7 years respectively.             


Small (1-19 Long Haul Aircraft)

 Oman Air 1.8 years
 Avianca 2.2 years
 Virgin Australia 2.4 years
 TAAG 3.0 years
 Kingfisher Airlines 3.4 years

The small long haul airlines with recent fleet renewals or are new to operating long haul flights top this category. Oman Air is equipped with an all new Airbus A330 fleet totaling 7 aircraft all received within the last 2.5years. Avianca has a mirrored position, with again 7 Airbus A330s all received within the last 3.5 years. Virgin Australia has 5 new Boeing 777-300s operating long haul flights, the same can be said for TAAG. However TAAG has a Boeing 777-200/300 mix. Kingfisher operates a young fleet of 5 Airbus A330s.

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