Airline Services Information


Airline Atlas provides a guide to in-flight services from the worlds leading long haul airlines.

Note, long haul airlines are constantly updating their fleets and interiors in the competition to provide ever increasing services to passengers of all classes.

Always check with your trusted travel agent for the most up to date information on services and luggage rules as airlines can change their policies on a regular basis.      

Leg Room: This provides a comparative indication of seating arrangements based on industry standards. Some airlines have consistent seating arrangement through out their fleet. However most will have slightly varying seating arrangements based on aircraft type and configuration. 

Luggage -Baggage: there are two systems used throughout the world, the weight and piece systems. Generally speaking the weight system is on flights not connecting America; whereas the piece system is used on flights to and from North, Central and South America. 

eg 2 x 32kg = two pieces of luggage allowed with maximum weight of 32kg per piece

or 30kg = All checked luggage must not exceed 30kg

Hand luggage: the acronym comb = combined total

Note all airlines have restrictions on dimension, pieces and weight for both hand and checked in luggage. Always check with your trusted travel agent and confirm the details for your particular flight.

Fleet Age: The indication of fleet age provided only consists of long haul aircraft in the airline fleet. This includes only A330, A340, A380, B747, B757, B767, B777 aircraft. The age of the aircraft for Airline Atlas's purposes is determined from the delivery date to the aircrafts first owner. Currently the estimate fleet age as of 1 January 2012 is indicated. Note where some airlines have B767 or B757 and are not currently deploying them on long haul routes, the aircraft have not been included in the fleet age calculation. 


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